The worst company on Earth

God, I hate Microsoft. 8/1/2020

They’re terrible. Laptop hibernates when lid is closed. This is not the correct setting. Tech support is arrogant and unhelpful. 8/3/2020

God, I hate Microsoft. 8/11/2020 They disabled the workaround, the sons-of-bitches.

The dumpster fire that is Microsoft Windows needs to restart to install an update. I just turned the computer on. I TURNED IT ON, AND IT NEEDS A RESTART. God, I hate Microsoft. 8/12/2020

Let’s sing! I hate Microsoft Office, I hate Microsoft Office! 8/16/2020

They send you on a redirect if they detect javascript is disabled. This means that to enable javascript, you have to renter the original website instead of just enabling java and hitting reload. It’s that extra bit of fuck you, that one extra step just to be assholes, that is the Microsoft special charm.

God, I fucking hate you people. 8/18/2020 You pull me out of what I’m doing with worthless fucking popup ads for useless fucking services I don’t want. I fucking disable the fucking popups and you fucking turn them back on to fucking sell me more shit I fucking hate. I fucking hate you. I fucking hate everything about you. I hope you fucking burn in hell.

9/21/2020 I hate Microsoft.

12/5/2020 I hate Microsoft.

9/12/2021 I hate Microsoft.

Let me turn off all of your shit, you useless, filthy, vile people. Turn off your unnecessary, unwanted, incorrect, and actively harmful help. Get rid of all of your shit. Just fucking turn it all off.

12/21/21 I hate Microsoft.

How can you make a OS without a killall function? How can you pretend to make a OS without a way of closing windows and stopping them from autoloading new windows. What is wrong with you, people? Why are you all such horrible people? Why are you so consumed with malice, incompetence, and stupidity? What is WRONG with you?

12/28/22 I hate Microsoft.

You’re just bad people. You are evil and filled with malice.