Where are the rings?

For my own reference.

Armist found a bag with nine rings. She put one on.

Obrecht and Tatianna robbed her, taking the bag now holding eight.

Obrecht and Tatianna each took one, leaving six in the bag.

Bleys found the bag (6), wears one, runs down Tatianna, meets Spait, flees. Rings are disseminated and recollected. One goes into the river.

Fiona collected five including Tatianna’s and has Gerard walk the Pattern with them. The other four (Bleys’s, Armist’s, Obrecht’s, one in river) are elsewhere.


Tanked a job interview today. That’s upsetting, but it will be okay. The job market is strong right now.


What is the legality of covering a written song, one initially published without musical arrangement? I should ask a lawyer.

Manual Cars

So ~$37k for a manual Integra. Their big selling point was the stick, and it puts the price at almost $40k. Purchase cost, including taxes, registrations, etc. is going to be well over $40k.

Okay? I don’t understand the logic behind that.

The manual Supra now will exist, and it’s clocking around $60k.

Inflation is a step function, and it keeps on stepping.

A Hypochondriac in the Age of Covid

My life is sort of ridiculous.

I got distracted while drinking coffee. Something went down the wrong pipe, and I started hacking.

Now, since I was around other people, I tried to stop coughing while I ran to the next room. That made the incipient coughing worse, so once I got to the next room, I was really hacking up a lung. For maybe ten minutes after that I’d have a stray cough or two. Eventually things settled down.

So obviously I might have covid. Coughing is a symptom!

And I sitting there, listening to my brain, and one side is very tired.

That side said, “You had coffee in your mouth! You felt yourself try to talk while drinking. It’s obviously the coffee.”

And the other side said, “Maybe it’s caffeinated covid. Very dangerous. Hmm?”

And I sit there, hearing these two thoughts, and I know one is absurd. Yet I wonder. It’s my thought, after all.


I’m cautiously optimistic about Amazon Vella, but I can’t get a read on it. It’s serial fiction, and the most popular serial fiction currently available is comic books. But Vella doesn’t pubilsh comics. Likewise, kids picture books are basically serial fiction, because there’s, like, 400 fairie books. But you couldn’t publish them on Vella. The medium looks interesting.

I may need to stop reading Matt Levine for a little while. He needs to take it down an Elon-Musk notch.

Stopped reading Jalopnik. That website is just a sea of negativity and hate.


I got qualifying exams in two weeks, and I’m frankly panicking. This isn’t a bad time to panic, as I have plenty of time to study up. But I’m going all in prepping for these stupid things.

Given some uncertainty in my situation, I may not be able to retake them. As such, I really need to pass. It’s doable, just hard. It might not matter, but I’m going to make sure that if I do have to walk away from the program, it won’t be because I dropped a ball.

Anyway, updates sporadic until May 1st, if they happen at all.