Lab Days

Things have been exciting in the robotics lab.

Exciting is not good in the robotics lab. Interesting is good. Exciting is not.

Shangri La

Does anyone even make a 2-door pickup with an 8′ bed? I gotta haul some crap.

No, it’s not a daily driver. It’s a crap hauler.


Microsoft’s Outlook cannot send large files.

Like dissertations.

Microsoft help explains that files should have images and pictures removed to be emailed.

They want me to take the figures and pictures out of my dissertation.

Another option would be to use Onedrive, however that never works. Every time I send a large file via Onedrive, there are infinite problems and no one can open it easily.

Microsoft Outlook is not capable of supporting higher education.


I’m gearing up for my Comprehensive Exam, which I think in some schools they call the oral. It’s a dissertation proposal and presentation wherein I strike a deal with my committee: I do all this and you give me a PhD.

At my school there seems to be no meaningful difference between a thesis and a dissertation.

Things are mad around here.

Sons of Finrod

DnD players, if you play a fallen paladin and you don’t go full Noldor, I don’t know what you’re doing with your character.


Look, I understand nostalgia and all, but EFI is simply better than carbs.

Wake up

Going from drinking three or four Monsters a day, plus preworkout, to three or four Redbulls a day, plus preworkout, is a shocking reduction in caffeine. It’s hard to get going when I’m used to that kick.