Road laws

Lane filtering is legal in Colorado as of midnight tonight (April 6th, so 12:01 AM April 7th).

Literally, no one knows that.

Career Change

I’ve decided to leave engineering to pursue my true passion: not wanting to punch myself in the face.

Stef Schrader


Seriously, I cannot figure out which pub you’re writing for, and you’re one of the few authors who seems to legitimately enjoy cars.

Terrible cars, tbh, but I ain’t judging


I think people who romanticize nature need to meet a badger.

Not a pet badger, or a badger that’s become accustomed to people. A wild badger that thinks you, the nature-romantic, are intruding on his/her lair.

March 32nd

I’ll subscribe to the Autopian when Matt Hardigee and Jason Torchinsky stop writing articles about how much they hate everyone, everything, and especially all and sundry in the automobile industry.


I’ve never been quite sure how to make this website useful.

I like it. It gives me a place for my ramblings. But as a book promotional tool, it would be better as a social media page. My other projects, work and engineering and so forth, generally have public-facing elements elsewhere.

So this website doesn’t have much of a tasking.

Any solution would probably entail ‘do more stuff’ but frankly, that’s off limits until I’m done with the PhD. Fuds eat your life, and mine is eating mine.

I’m not sure this website needs to be useful. As an exercise in silliness, it’s fine.

But here we are.

Mara is free the first and second of April, BH is free the second and third, both on Kindle. If you’re here, you’ve probably read them both. If not, here you go.