Someone left kudos on Lanterns. Thank you, whomever you were. I reread it.

That was a pretty good story. It’s definitely rough around the edges, but going back over it, it was better than I remembered. I have this really dark view of everything I’ve written before, and I remember them all badly. It wasn’t. It was all right.


Rhebeqah left kudos on Man of the Land, which was a very serious work. Thank you, Rhebeqah!

I’m a fulltime student again, and my quarter ends this week. My finals and papers are all due in the next few days. After that, I do want to start hitting fanfic again. Hopefully get through some of the Nine.

I always would like to do a free promotion on Mara and the Trolls. The ebook is pretty nice, and the formatting is a lot better than I can do on AO3. Please be prepared for that.


Thanks to guests who liked the Nine and Sauron Explains It All.

I kinda have an idea about SEIA but no real jokes to back it up. The Nine is ongoing slowly.


And thanks to UnicornofAmber for kudos on Sauron Explains it All.

That story was really her/his idea. Book and movie Sauron really doesn’t do or say much other than a few ominous threats, but my Sauron needs to have some personality to him. And his personality is all bad. UnicornofAmber pointed out it would be interesting to see a bit more of Sauron, and I had to agree.