The real problem with Python is version control. Simple toolkits like numpy and tensorflow are held and updated in so many conflicting repositories that maintaining functionality is nigh impossible. Anaconda, Spyder, and Jupiter are all similarly indistinct. Pip install vs Conda install, it’s a problem.

How many times do you wind up telling people ‘No! This is a problem!’ and they just won’t listen?

Male character, 1st person POV

I’m going to start putting up sketches again.

Objective: male in contrast with female, sense of personality and life presence, voice, distinctive

The problem I have is that women my age are all morning people. I crawl out of bed like a troglodyte and exist in a palette of uselessness until noon. Women are like, Where’s my good morning text?

Girl, there ain’t nothing good about mornings. Go back to bed!