I got Conan the Barbarian’s theme on random when I went to the treadmill this morning. Spotify: good


I’ve been drinking preworkout instead of coffee in the mornings, and yes, it does give me heart palpitations. But I am fired up for that first Zoom call of the day.


North Table Mountain left a big, silly smile on my face. There is good in the world.

Musings in Twilight

I gotta rewrite the beginning of TiH. Either Kog goes with the party and returns alone, the story starts much further back, or something happens to change the dynamic. Kog’s violent dismissal from Shang Du is far too quick, and all the threads and angles I built go nowhere.

Likewise, I need to resolve the Osret, Drowning Breath, and Fate agent arcs.

I don’t know what to do.

Conspiracy Theory

Charlie Munger, Henry Kissinger, and Sandra Day O’Connor all went within three days. That’s some serious rule-of-three patterns.