I live in Denver, CO (USA). The federal govt. just passed a stimulus that is sending many adults a stimulus check for $1200.

People are mad about this.

That’s why I’m not in politics.


You can tell a lot about the biases of news media by watching who they spotlight. Compare the WSJ and Bloomberg. The WSJ, rightwing, did a big thing on Wines, Republican governor of Ohio and his coronavirus response. Bloomberg, leftwing, did one on Cuomo, Democratic governor of New York. Both have comparable successes in their response.

Car News

The Drive is descending into ragebait politics. I don’t know what it is about cars that makes the journalists so angry. Some of them are just furious. The Drive use to be a pretty reasonable bit of car news, at least when Tesla wasn’t involved, but now that Patrick George is writing for it, more and more of the coverage is just Jalopnik-style rage. I do not understand.

Anyway, time to find a new hobby website. Is Drivetribe still a thing?


A surprising number of people don’t seem to understand that people who disagree with them exist.

They aren’t necessarily evil. They aren’t necessarily malicious. Many of them are doing what they think is best for the world. It’s just different.