God: And in this room is everyone who could ever love you.

Me, in a totally empty room except for a mirror: Hey there, good looking. (Finger guns)

God: ….right.


Governments don’t seem to have a lot of control over the spread of the coronavirus. They have influence, and some are doing better than others. But control? Determination? I don’t think much exists.


There’s a thing called a butterfly antenna. It looks like two triangles laid tip to tip, and it’s symmetric.

It is impossible to search for, because butterflies, the insects, have antennas. The entomology world loves taking pictures of butterfly antennas, talking about them, analyzing them, and pushing images of butterfly antennas to children like aggressive science pushers.

So you have to look for something called a bowtie antenna.

It looks nothing like a bowtie.

The only good part of this is that searching lead me to the log periodic antenna, which looks like it’s even better!


Another really good word is etchant. Nice and mysterious. It’s something that etches, typically an acid solution.

Hong Kong

If the US claims to support freedom and democracy, there’s really no justification for not supporting Hong Kong.

I do understand an unwillingness to push matters to the same extent as the USA/USSR cold war. But dialogue and emotional support for the people of Hong Kong fighting for basic freedom is incumbent on our ideals.

I support democracy for Hong Kong.


Two points

1) I like Jeffco Public Library more than Denver Public Library. They’re both good, but Jeffco seemed more willing to let me use their study rooms for free (until the pandemic threw a wrench into everything). Denver has better book selection, and they’ll automatically renew books that go overdue. Both good, but I like Jeffco a little more.

2) The books I hold onto for too long never have waiting lines. How many people really need this edition of Henry V? None. I do miss being able to look at the due date cards and see how often a book has been checked out. It was like peering through time.