Free ebooks

I mentioned I didn’t know if the free ebook promotion for Mara was permanent or like a rental.

It’s permanent. I just checked, and I’ve got it through the account. So if you want Mara for free, Mara and the Trolls will be free again at the end of this month.

Also the paperback is going back to full price, $14.99 on Feb 1st, so if you want a tangible book to hold in your hand, it’s three bucks off now.


Mara is free on Kindle starting at 1201 am PST Dec 31, in about 1.5 hrs as of this writing. It will be free for 72 hours.

I’ve never done this before, but I think you get to keep it forever. So if you ‘buy’ it for zero dollars/euros, it’s permanently yours.

If you like it, please leave a review or stars.

Mara is live

It took a week or two, but every day a weight has been lifting slightly from my shoulders. It’s funny how tense I was about that.

Drawing little bits of maps for Elegy, and starting to play around with ideas for another kid’s book. Been kicking a few scenes around between Corwin and Julian. Finals are this week. I’ll be happy when they’re done.


Mara’s back.

This weekend? Please, powers that be, let me get it done this weekend.

Mara and the Trolls in paperback coming soon.

Mara and the Trolls

I didn’t catch anything. Mara and the Trolls in Kindle edition is now republished, hopefuly permanently.

This was first published in unedited segments in 2013, and it’s now 10/21/2020. It was collected and book published June 1st of this year. This has been a bear, but I still laugh at the jokes.

Good night everyone.


Got Mara back. If the ebook requires no further corrections, Mara will be republished this evening. If more correction is required, it’ll be longer.


Mara is back with the ebook professionals. Hopefully, this will be quick.

I haven’t heard anything about the paperback, but that one usually takes a little longer.