There’s a bit in the second Chronicles of Amber wherein Merlin is being hit on. He thinks to himself something along the lines of, ‘I’m probably not the subject of incessant and omnipresent female lust.’ It works out ot be a scam or something.

I feel that way when I consider blogging about US politics. If you want commentary thereon, there are a lot of better sources for it.

The end of history is not upon us, and we have to live with each other in the morning. Let’s ease up a little, shall we?

I like the Ducati xDiavel, and I wonder if they’ll make one with a camless motor. If I had a few free grand, I’d probably drop it into that bike, and if I had a few hundred free grand, or more likely a few million, I’d call Freevalve and get it done. I don’t, but it’s still a nice bike.

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