I want a grindy pencil sharpener instead of a bladed one. There has to be a good one online, a portable one that can go in a backpack or small bag.

Preferably without batteries.


There is a strong inverse correlation between the number of goats sacrificed to elder gods and frequency of compile-time errors. r pretty close to -1. Just saying.

Hector and the Fairy Godbear

I really like writing the kids because I can get super melodramatic. It doesn’t come across as being absurd; it’s just childish.

The narrator is now six.

I have had people complain the children are too childish.

“Mr Miller, these kids need to calm down!”

“Sir/Ma’am, have you ever met an excited six-year-old?”


I need to let written material sit for a day or three to review it. That way it’s just fresh enough I don’t mentally paper over the spelling errors while still clearly recalling the point I was trying to make.

The blog I try to update every day. Problems ensue.