A Hypochondriac in the Age of Covid

My life is sort of ridiculous.

I got distracted while drinking coffee. Something went down the wrong pipe, and I started hacking.

Now, since I was around other people, I tried to stop coughing while I ran to the next room. That made the incipient coughing worse, so once I got to the next room, I was really hacking up a lung. For maybe ten minutes after that I’d have a stray cough or two. Eventually things settled down.

So obviously I might have covid. Coughing is a symptom!

And I sitting there, listening to my brain, and one side is very tired.

That side said, “You had coffee in your mouth! You felt yourself try to talk while drinking. It’s obviously the coffee.”

And the other side said, “Maybe it’s caffeinated covid. Very dangerous. Hmm?”

And I sit there, hearing these two thoughts, and I know one is absurd. Yet I wonder. It’s my thought, after all.

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