AO3 typography

First, thank you to the guest who left kudos on the Nine!

Secondly, I want to talk typography.

I commonly use two non-standard characters. The first is the EM or M dash depending on what you read, which is two hyphens stuck together. Both AO3 and LC have difficulty representing EM dashes, and AO3 tends to show it as two special characters stuffed together. You can find this in my stuff. –, but the dashes have little tails. I forget the name for them.

The other is accent marks, such as in Numenor or Númenor. I’ve had problems with them rendering on AO3 as well, but LC seems to use them fine. What’s weird is that sometimes the accents come through without a problem and sometimes they don’t. I don’t know if specific accents work and some don’t, or if the ALT codes LC and AO3 use are different, or what.

The punchline here is that I try not to use any weird characters except for EM dashes. This does mean I intentionally misspell some names. It’s a lesser of two evils type thing. Would you rather see N%n23menor sometimes or Numenor all the time, given I don’t really know exactly what procs the issue? The dashes don’t get used in words, so I’m leaving them alone.

Edit: In paragraph three, I used two hyphens and WordPress corrected that to the EM dash. Interesting.