Balance in video game grinds

A lot of mobile games are grindfests. The player does the same level over and over again to acquire items, currency, or whatever. It ceases to be fun.

As such, many grindy games institute automatic play, where the player can have their phone play without them, or skipping play. The player uses a button or in-game item and effectively plays the level multiple times in an instant.

That’s a weird little balance. When the grinds got too bad, the game makers made the grinds easier. They didn’t reduce the grinding; they just made grinding easier. And people play these games.

I do to, some I’m not on my high-horse. But it’s weird. Why do I play these things if the biggest improvement in them is not playing? I don’t do that in card games or multiplayer games.

I think the difference is mobile grinding games make the grinding good, while card games, board games, etc. with a grind mechanic tend to have not playing as a punishment. The player is inflicted with a skip or missed turn, while the mobile grindfest rewards the player with a skipped or missed turn.

It’s still weird.

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