Disney Princess Recognition

A few years ago I saw a short clip of a costumed character at Disney (Peter Pan?) meeting a little girl in costume. The girl was three or four or so.

The little girl said hi but didn’t introduce which character she was. Peter Pan ran through a dozen or more Disney princesses in a minute, but he didn’t just ask. He knew their attributes. He recognized the little girl didn’t have shoes so she wasn’t Cinderella. He knew dress colors and hair. He rattled off characteristics and criteria and hit the correct Disney princess in less than sixty seconds, and then knew how to approach said princess. The little girl just sort of nodded, because to her everyone knows Disney princesses. The crowd seemed vaguely pleased.

For whatever reason, I got to thinking about that clip again. That was incredible. Dude knew and applied dozens of characters off the cuff to a guest’s cosplay and nailed it. Nuts!

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