Mended some fences with the neighbors. Had only had a mild bit of friction, but I got in front of it. In the past I would leave such matters alone, but I’m coming to believe that’s not wise.

Working from home is really challenging, so it’s an opportunity to excel.

I understand the Apple tax more now. While some of it is pure profit, a lot is testing and bug fixing. Software like Firefox and anything Microsoft are often loaded with bugs, glitches, and errors. Such problems are uninteresting for developers to fix as well as slow and costly. So fixing those errors doesn’t get done.

Apple fixes their problems. My Samsung phone has a lot of problems with simple functions like texting and making calls, and I just don’t hear about that from Apple products. So do you have to pay more to get something that works?

It seems so. I wish Apple’s production wasn’t so vile.

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