Exponential Idle: More Weierstrass Matlabbery

So the series of q1 is close to Xn+1 = round(1.8*Xn) starting at n=3, with n=1 => Xn=0, n=2 => Xn=10. (yes, Matlab, blah blah, arrays begin at 1)

The problem is q1(3) = 32.3, which isn’t rounded. If I use rounding, my series, qtest, diverges from the numbers I got out of the game by n=20. My quick and dirty factor of 1.8 probably isn’t correct.

If 32.3 is arbitrarily accurate, 32.3/18=1.7944444…. Now, obviously, that is the part number for the famous TE 1-794444-1, which clearly needs no introduction, but if by pure luck it’s also related to a fraction of some other constant, I don’t know it.

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