Fat Bear Week Conclusion 2021

As we wait for the final votes to be posted, I have some important points.

First of all, 132 was a fantastic cub, and I can’t believe he lost to Walker. What is this nonsense?

Second, my candidate, Chunk, fought the fat fight, and fought fat with honor. He’s the champion to me.

Third, both Walker and Otis are excellent competitors. I wish them the best. Otis has the better headshot.

Fourth, I wish they’d keep the voting open past 7pm MDT.

Five, in the semi-finals, both bears that won had names. Not counting this year, of the last 7 years, all but one winner had names. 747 won once, while Otis won 3 times, Beadnose twice, and Holly once. Having a name is a significant performance-enhancing advantage.

Next year, all bears should be named.

Also, Chunk should win.

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