Fearless Girl

Outside the NYSE is the Fearless Girl statue. It’s a little girl staring fearlessly, pretty much exactly what it’s named.

Nearby is the Charging Bull

I’m nominally in favor of both, though that may overstate my feelings. I don’t have strong emotions either way, but I’m pro-art and the sculptures are both nifty. Some people have strong feelings toward the Fearless Girl. They identify with her or support people who do. Other people really dislike the Charging Bull, and you can find notes from both Occupy Wall Street and more religious writers. I think the bull is impressively dynamic. Art is supposed to make people feel things, and both of these sculptures do. So they’re a success.

The girl was originally installed right in front of the bull, so that she was staring it down moments before it trampled/gored her to death. Di Modica was not a fan of that. I understand completely. Context isn’t everything, but it is huge, and there’s a wild difference between a bull in isolation, running, and a bull about to trample some kid. Conversely, if she did stare the bull down, that would make the animal much less powerful and fearsome, which influences the way the bull is interpreted.

Now Di Modica just showed up and installed the bull, so he doesn’t have a whole lot of complaining room when Visbal showed up and installed the girl. But I get it. Since the bull is a physical thing and somewhat unique, changing how it is interpreted forever, ie installing another sculpture facing it, would bother me if I was the creator. Yeah, I know there are other copies of the bull, but they’re elsewhere. To me, the uniqueness of the situation is part of the sculpture.

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