Youtube tends to ask very poor feedback questions.

I always ignore their suggested videos because those videos A)do not meet my interests, B)are of low quality, C) start with ten minutes of some useless person blathering on about who they are before getting to the meat of the issue like how to un-clog a sink, D)have terrible music, or E)are simply of inferior quality. Youtube music tends to exclusively suggest hour-long compilations which I do not like, or mix-tapes, which are usually inferior. If I want to hear a particular song, I want to hear that song. I am uninterested in hearing some influencer describe what it means to them.

However when Youtube asks for feedback, they limit the responses to a preselected list of self-absorbed ego-flattering nonsense. One such choice was: video is too popular.

How unbelievably arrogant and yet worthless is that? How can anyone fail so hard as to ignore a selection like ‘video suggestions do not match interest’ and instead ask, “Is the video too popular?”

A master-class on self absorption, Youtube. You’re living down to every stereotype about Google.