The Nine is getting a lot darker than I expected.

It’s exposing me to a couple of my bad habits, the first is the desire to stuff dragons or vampires into everything. Everything. There are vampires in LotR, but I’m holding the (silver) line against them. The dragon got in because, Hey! Dragons! –which was pretty much verbatim my thought process.

That’s sort of true. I was doing a bunch of plotting and outlining, and needed a scheme, plot, characters, etc. And I thought to myself: this needs more menace.

Hey! Dragons!

But the feel is getting dark. Even in triumph the dark powers are nearby. Tolkien himself developed this, but JRRT had an obsession with Götterdämmerung I cannot relate to. It’s a peculiar notion, to me, the idea that our best days are all behind us, and while we can defeat the evil for a time, it will return. You see this in Galadriel’s mention of the long defeat. Victory is short, but defeat is forever. As such, so long as battles happen, in the end evil will necessarily triumph.

It’s the necessarily triumph, specifically the ‘necessarily’ bit I disagree with.

That does not imply, not should it, that good is going to necessarily win in the Nine. I’m not entirely sure how things are going to end, so there’s plenty of room to maneuver. I quite like bad endings, wherein team good is defeated and the world is plunged into ruin, provided it feels suitable. I don’t like it when it seems tacked on, like good should have won but the author decided to be edgy. I dislike the other side as well, where evil should have won but deus ex machina brought victory from the depths of plot device. I like endings that suit the body, and good or evil winning specifically is not as important as who earned it, and how the book feels.

There are some interesting points in there about evil earning anything, but see my ethical philosophizing in the Kangaroo Graveyard. If you work really hard and try your best, and then kill a few species of people, you’re still a bad guy. Earning your evil doesn’t make it less evil.

Unrelated to everything, I’m not terribly impressed with WordPress’s spellchecker.

Anyway, thank you for reading the Nine or anything else of mine, including this website.

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