Fhysay/Kahserach Boundary

The north coast of the goblin lands is an oceanic seacrust/seacrust subduction zone where the Fhysay crust is subducted under the Arsae crust. The obducting Arsae crust is pushed up, forming the goblinmounts themselves. This is a young and highly active boundary. The mountains aren’t tall compared to the neighboring Doon, but are extremely steep. Strong upthrust lifts them constantly, but strong weathering from the northern winds and storms cuts them down at the same time. The result is a rocky, barren mountain range with deep erosion cut valleys. There are relatively few signs of glaciation at lower altitudes and northern extrema, but at higher and more southerly peaks, glaciation is extremely common. Mountains that border the Shaggheritach are often horns, separated by U-shaped valleys unlike the Vs further north.

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