Juneteenth 2

Legislation to make June 19th, ‘Juneteenth Day’ a federal holiday passed the house 415/14, which is as close to unanimous as the House gets. Biden should sign it by Friday.

I get why the objectors objected. I’m not overly fond of the ‘Independence Day’ title, and complaining about additional federal holidays is an institution in itself. I also support the notion that giving holidays without debate or discussion is an issue.

That noted, I still fully support this bill and I hope it gives some healing to people. That’s how we celebrate things in the US. We make holidays. We can argue over what it’s called and govie payroll later. We will. It’s not like that argument is in question. But the abolition of the peculiar institution is a worthy thing to be remembered. The US is better because of abolition, and I’m glad to remember a time good beat evil.

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