Mara Paperback

So the list price reverted to $14.99, but the buy-it-new price is still $11.99.

I’m so confused.

Amazon sets price guidelines, and I don’t have a whole lot of input within those guidelines. That can be frustrating, but if I was working with a more traditional publisher, I’d have less input. So be it. But why is it $12? Is it going to stay that way?

Is it $15 for other people?

Anyway, please read Mara because I need to pay rent. It should be available for free on Kindle Unlimited. (Is it? IDK) If you do read it and like it, please leave a review or a star ranking, and also, super please, tell me what happened. How much was it? Was it free? How’s the formating? I wrote the thing, and I really don’t know.

The paperback looks professional.

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