For Mortal Man

BC was lovely. I found a small cabin on the Koutenay Lake on Air BnB and went up to get away from the noise in my apartment. Things are not good here. The cabin was wonderful, and I had some time to do some detached thnking.

My problem is I’m not working hard enough, because I’m focused on working right. This is half of true. Working smarter not harder is definitely a good idea, but the other half is that if you don’t know what a smarter way to work is and you stop working to look for it, you aren’t getting anything done.

I have an issue where I stop writing entirely until I figure out a problem or plot hole, and while that makes sense, it also doesn’t get anything done. I’m going to move past that, and I’m going to do it by writing something that doesn’t have to be right. I’m talking of course about fanfic. I’m going to write something big, dumb, and fun, and I’m doing it just to keep the fingers moving. There will be no pauses. Other stuff can be worked on as well, and hopefully will, but the keys are going to keep clicking. You can find Nine for Mortal Men Doomed to Die here at AO3. And BTW, I know there’s a comma after men, but I don’t like commas in titles.

Finished the Akira cycle again, and it’s amazing. Going to hit Brian Sanderson’s The Way of Kings for my next fun book and Robins’s The Story of the Lamp for my vegetables book. Robins was a product of his time, but there’s good information there.

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