Once more unto the breach, dear friends

And I’m back.

United lived down to their reputation.

Thanksgiving is a Rorschach test for adults. If you see gratitude and togetherness, that’s you. If you see historical tragedy, that’s also you. Shopping frenzies? You. Combinations thereof? You. Bats? You.

Football? That’s TV.

US pro soccer is weird because the people in the US who care about soccer mostly watch non-US national teams. So if you’re prepared to argue with me about what ‘football’ is, you probably don’t watch MLS. MLS apparently isn’t that good. But as someone who doesn’t care about soccer, every time someone argues with me that soccer is football, I build up a little active resistance to caring in the long run. I do wonder if that’s just me building support for my preexisting positions, and it probably is. I don’t follow any sports, so the football/soccer naming issue isn’t likely the thing that keeps me out.

But there is a lot of football on TV and no soccer, and in my house, we watch Thanksgiving Day football!

The food was good, the family better, and I wish the best for you all. Take care.

Now: time for dragons.

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