Politics 1

Thank you all for coming. It is my distinct pleasure to introduce my candidacy for President of the United States in 2020.

Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils. Vote for the greatest of three!

I understand that in these trying times, you need certainty. You need to know who stands before you, and what they stand for. My platform is simple and speaks to the true soul of our nation.

Fire: I’m for it.

Public Finance: Once in office I will ransack the treasury and sweep the national savingings into a big pile I can sleep on in the White House.

Military: It needs more dragons.

International Diplomacy: I support a strict plan of burning their houses and stealing their gold.

I believe that covers all of the important issues. Vote for me! Or I’ll burn your house down.



I lost access to my Twitter account. There were a combination of email and access issues that I could not resolve.

But Twitter did not spark joy.

As such, while I can’t delete the account, I won’t use it anymore.


Some of the recent bits of the Nine have been small because I’m really trying to get these moments right.

I’ve never much liked how many people belabor fight scenes. Most combat is quick and brutal, so the writing should be too. As such I’m taking two or three days to write 1000 words. But that doesn’t mean things aren’t significant, for later chapters will exist largely as responses to events in these. Most of this narrative is going to be consequent actions.

What’s more I’m trying to evolve some people and keep others the same. Characters like Julian are complex, whereas Tatianna is changing. It’s hard to get right. Author’s who do it effortlessly are masters of the craft.

Trump Gates

Later in the first series Corwin opens a gate and moves a detachment of fighters into Amber.

Why didn’t he do that in his attack with Bleys at the beginning, Bleys being a master trump artisan?

Zelazny, everybody. Now I gotta make something up.


I get so much spam on this website that by now I automatically delete all comments that don’t reference the post. The way to overcome this filter is comment useful information that addresses whatever point the blog-post addresses.

There’s an XKCD about it.


The best part of writing is stuffing dragons everywhere.

Dragon Law: If you have a problem, you just need more dragons!

Character Perspectives

I prefer 1st person POV. One reason why is that as an author the separation between character viewpoint and writer viewpoint is more clearly defined, and can be expressed without constantly writing ‘he thought/she thought.’

Suppose Bob thinks all orcs should be killed. In 1P POV from Bob’s perspective, I can just write ‘All orcs should be killed,’ and that’s clearly an opinion of the character. Statements like that should be supported by having Bob live that opinion, and it can be undercut easily with narrative elements. If orcs are always chaotic evil, than scenes of orcs doing so can be shown. If I want to demonstrate that the all orcs should be killed opinion is wrong or flawed, narrative elements showing orcs being good, or at least worthy of living, can be shown too. That also leads to narrative conflict which is the pulse of a story.

But if I’m in 3P POV and Bob’s getting genocidal, that opinion is difficult to reveal without either having dialogue or a bunch of ‘he thought’ tags. Now the dialogue introduction of opinion is fine, but it’s a hoop to jump through. Writing constant thought attribution tags gets cumbersome, and sometimes I don’t really want to reveal a character’s thoughts. If there’s a murder mystery and the victim is an orc, I might not want to reveal Bob’s murderous impulses.

This is not to say any of those things cannot be done and done well, but they are often cumbersome. More specifically, they’re set of problems I don’t enjoy solving. I much prefer writing opinions that are wrong and subverting them.

Pet Peeves

I’ve probably never told you how much I hate being right all the time because I love it. It’s delightful.