Programming Language

If you think of programming as writing in the English passive voice, you’re most of the way there.

Most of the rest is A) complaining about the passive voice B) finding other people who also complain about the passive voice C) really just whining D) getting over yourself or E) repeating A-C for a while. The rest rest is semicolons.

A = myfunc(b);

A is myfunced b.

If you really want a big brain moment, a script is one horribly run-on sentence with way too many clauses. Think patent-claim level run-ons.

Most exceptions are fairly straight forward. A lot of operators are imperatives.


Increment the A.

Pronouns basically don’t exist, but it’s very easy to make up proper names.

Honestly, I really don’t understand why basic computer programming isn’t in the foreign language department. It’s just super picky grammar with a reader that won’t understand/give-any-benefit-of-the-doubt ever.

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