How exactly does 5G cause Covid?

I don’t quite get…any of it, really. I understand the flat Earth. If you go outside and look around, it looks pretty flat. But millimeter wave signals aren’t viruses.

Is the virus the hoax? It’s not a virus. It’s…low energy EMR, comparable to the background radiation and vastly less energetic than sunlight, right?

Since dead people don’t need cellphone service, what’s in it for the cellphone companies? Are they not in it for the money?

AT&T isn’t in it for the money? Comcast, Verizon, and COMCAST aren’t in it for the money?


Comcast isn’t in it for the money.


Just so I’m clear, COMCAST isn’t doing something for the money?


Anyway, I’m very confused, and after searching some conspiracy theory websites I still don’t get the crux of the theory. I’m also probably on a government watch list.

Oh, also, quick shout out to all the actors in Europe, Africa, South America, everywhere really, who were willing to take one for the team and fake Covid to take out some American politicians. You did yeoman’s work supporting an anti-government conspiracy against someone else’s government. Top notch dedication everyone. What exactly is in it for you, if you don’t mind me asking? Do y’all get free 5G cellphone service? Is that the connection? Free internet?

Is it Comcast?

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