Role Playing Games

My dream game right now is the Illearth War in Exalted. Thomas Covenant would have to be removed, but the Lords could be Solars, the lillianrill and rhadhamaerl would be Dragon-Blooded, Ravers are Infernals, etc. The Ramen would be enlightened mortals or possibly Wood-Aspect Dragon-Blooded. The Giants are… I dunno.

The Bloodguard should be enlightened mortals. Or maybe Sidereals, but that fits Sidereals more than the Bloodguard. Sidereals are all about martial arts and service to the powers, hence Bloodguard, but the Bloodguard are all about not using powers and weapons. To them there is a sharp distinction. The one fits the other better than vice versa.

Drool would have been an Abyssal. The Cavewrights and Ur-Viles would be those weird minions of the Deathlords.

The Elohim are the Fair Folk.

It would work.

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