Room Temperature Superconductors

I missed this. Someone says they made a room temp. SC and published it in Nature. The first link is a lot more readable, and the doing of the thing is more chemistry than EE.

A SC is something that conducts without resistance, but that causes a host of other issues. This one doesn’t look usable in and of itself, yet, as it’s super tiny under about two million times normal air pressure. But it worked at around 58.F, which is amazing. What’s important is that the pressure and size may merely be engineering problems, and where there’s a lot of dollars, there’s a way.

Maybe not. There could be some other limits involved. But it’s still pretty interesting.

Edit: I left unsaid, but perhaps should have said, I haven’t seen anyone duplicate this work yet. Repeatability is the trick. So caveats and ifs and conditionals, oh my. I’m still pretty excited.

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