Okay, so on one hand, Disa’s character is trite. Grumpy husband, bubbly wife. Oh look, she gets a scene with hidden strength. She almost kinda threatens Elrond. She fusses at her kids.

That being said, I think she’s great. I like Disa. I liked her fussing at her kids, husband, and Elrond. I liked the singing bit. I like the way Durin plays off her. The contrast works, the development works, and it works organically within the characters.

The source of Durin’s conflict with Elrond worked extremely well for me, and it ground those three in a very mundane, plausible extrapolation of their internal differences. That 20 years isn’t a great thing to an elf and is to a dwarf, themselves a long-linged species, worked so well it seemed out of place in the movie. Disa keeps going with that. Magic materials! Magical races! Elves!

And grumpy husband, bubbly wife.

They really flesh-out the show.

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