DU classes started this week. The quarter system is odd. Up to a year of it is better than semesters, but in terms of multiple years, I prefer semesters.

Anyway, things are a madhouse over here: not a madhouse in terms of problems, but rather in schedule. As a grad student with a foot on both sides of the student/teacher divide, I don’t really know my schedule until things get going. I knew classes, rooms, and times, but how much work per, how much grading, when do I need to have office hours, when do I need to go to office hours, and all that are really decided this week.

Regarding research, my advisor and I locked in this quarter’s agenda. I’ve got a clear pathway forward, and it’s time to execute. No more mission creep, now I just do the stated job.

Regarding the writing, my purpose in all things, I hit 25k on the second draft of Twilight in Heaven. I learned so much from the Nine and TiH’s first draft. The first draft slammed me into all of the problems I hit in the Nine, and I actually saw them coming this time. The hard, nugget problems were apparent. Why doesn’t this plot arc work? Why is this character boring? I think I finally got it.

What does that have to do with Engineering and Physics? Lulz.

Tired and weary, but my dinner is cooking.

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