Self Publishing

Every single part of self publishing takes longer than you would expect. I thought I’d have the paperback of Bloodharvest up weeks ago.

I submitted the manuscript to Amazon and got a proof. It looked fine. Not great, not terrible, it was fine. Wanting something a little better than fine, I shopped around for someone to do layout. I found someone (I’m going to put his contact information up in the Books page when I’ve got everything done) who did a full layout, but it took a few weeks including both work and searching through samples. He was great. After reading through the layout for the paperback, I realized it was much, much better than the ebook layout, so I took his recommendation for an ebook layout service and contracted them. They said by the end of next week or the beginning of the one after, they’ll have my layout done.

Meanwhile I resubmitted the paperback and found that the revision resulted in some cover bleed. The number of pages changed, so now the cover doesn’t quite fit. No worries. My cover designer (also to be revealed when all the books are ready) said she was more than happy to fix things. It’s just a scaling issue. Her schedule allows her to take care of it next week.

So next week, or maybe the week after, I’ll have a paperback and an ebook with the improved interior up on Amazon. Unless something else comes up.

OTOH, I had a complete surreal moment holding my proof. It’s signed and dated, the first of my fiction to be printed, and it’s on my desk. It’s almost done. I just need some text shrunk, and it will go live on Amazon. Concurrently the ebook should be sent back, and that will go live too. They’re both vastly better than what I could have done myself.

I wrestled with that for a while. Your humble narrator is not rolling in money, and layout is not cheap.

But it’s worth it. The product is just better. And while it’s all well and good to trumpet things aren’t people and we shouldn’t care too much, creating something like this, a book of my words and my ideas, is a reflection of me.