Slice of Mental Life

Years from now, when my thoughts are lusted for by history, you may wonder what when on within my mind palace on a typical day.

It was probably something like this.

Self: I’m broke.

Shoulder Devil: Spend money.

Shoulder Angel: No, don’t do that.

S: Fine. I’ll screw around online.

SA: Yeah, sure.

SD: Good! Look at motorcycles.

SA: Um, well, you can look…

S:Oh, that’s nice.

SA: Good, I guess. Appreciate beauty.

SD: It’s also for sale.

SA: Wait. What?

S: I could swing that.

SD: You could definitely swing that.

SA: No, you couldn’t!

S: Allow me to explain! (Concocts a bizarre and clearly insane plan that would, briefly, produce some cash at terrible cost and horrible effect. The plan is horrendous, implausible, and likely blasphemous. Addition needs to be briefly overruled. There are wolves.) See?

SD: Yes!

SA: To begin with, you don’t have three kidneys.

S: But it’s possible to get a spare!

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