Sort of back

I’m still tootling around out here, but I have wifi. Maybe.

In the interests of finding the correct framing, I wonder:

How long to pursue something before changing plans?

What’s worth doing if it will never be a success?

Like, I’m not going to finish breathing. I won’t put breathing in the ‘done’ column, yet I don’t intend to quit. I’m not trying to be ghoulish here, but high altitude makes one consider breathing. Breathing is a thing. It’s hard to do. Breathing well, now that is pleasant. A little time spent at 14k, and breathing is quite the subject of consideration. But I don’t know how relevant breathing is to things like ‘should I do deep learning for this signal processing problem?’

I won’t beat sig.p. There will always be more signals to be processed.

I dunno. We are our thoughts, actions, and forms.

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