I’ve been trying to draw from movie shots.

Amazon Prime won’t stay paused. After 10 minutes, it automatically goes to a screensaver. That screensaver can’t be turned off. This makes longer shots near impossible. What’s more, the Prime app doesn’t have a ‘go back to the still’ function. It only has ‘play’, which moves the picture past the still I’m trying to draw.

Likewise, because it’s streaming, the pause button isn’t instantaneous. When I hit ‘pause’ the signal is sent out, and about a second later the movie pauses. During that second, the movie advances.

So the pattern is hit pause. Draw for eight minutes. Hope I remember to hit some buttons to alleviate the screensaver. When I forget, hit ‘play’ so my spot is gone, and go back and forth twenty times, trying to hit pause exactly a second before before the still I want.

The Amazon Prime app doesn’t have a frame-by-frame function, of course.

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