If someone comes up with a study that says the Earth is a sphere because oranges are spheres and the Earth is an orange, and I reject the study, that doesn’t mean I’m a flat Earther.

If they then study a representative sample of oranges, affirm that they’re all spheres, and publish the same conclusion (sphere Earth because Earth = orange, oranges are spheres), and I again reject it, I’m still not a flat Earther.

But if someone else ascertains that pizza is flat, and the Earth is a pizza, and therefore the Earth is flat, me rejecting that doesn’t underly my globe-head views either. It’s the same as above regarding a study of many pizzas.

Studies can be right or wrong. Conclusions can be right or wrong, or more often, partially one and partially the other. A bad study can come to a good conclusion and vice versa.

The Earth isn’t a piece of fruit! No fruit-based research reads on my globe-head premises!

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