The pursuit of self publishing BH is in the middle of episode 3, The Search for a Cover. In the meantime the final version is being posted to Tapas.io here:


The first episode was posted on Halloween, and another episode will go up weekly.

If anyone’s just following me, the BH manuscript is complete. I’ve received the final copyedit and made my revisions. As such, I have high hopes for a continuous every-Wednesday publishing schedule until completion. Seeing how these things work, Denver will be obliterated by meteors within a week.

DM is proceeding. I’m trying to get a handle on how to write full novels, so this one is aimed at a longer form. The pursuit of traditional publishing is in episode 946, titled: “Yeah, Still No” which is the same as what the agents and publishers say. I wish they mailed physical letters so I could nail them to a wall. These days will be rued.

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