The Nine

What happened was I had so many ideas I just threw them at the page. This is how I write. I like it. But it means that I have to write a second draft when the ideas are already down, and I couldn’t do that with the Nine because of an update cycle.

I was also in the middle of second/third/…/eighth drafts for Mara, so the Nine was just a fun write. Drafts 2+ become work.

But now there’s a choice. I either ditch the thing or write a second draft.

On the one hand, I’m still pretty annoyed by AO3’s mods. I don’t like the way other people can work with my published stuff but I can’t. Who the hell are you to tell me I can’t write with my own characters while other people can? AO3, frunk yourselves.

The other hand is I invested a lot of myself in writing the stupid thing, the ideas are cool, and I just hate leaving things like that unfinished.

There’s a third hand (Corwin, come here. Hold out your hand) holding grad school, a job, and other books to write. Hector and the Fairy Godbear! Death Mountain! A dissertation!

So, IRL, I can’t just be doing whatever. I’ve only got so much time.

I dunno.

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