The Top of the Refridgerator

I was walking into my building as a woman, man, and two kids were leaving. I stepped aside to let them pass and smiled to be polite.

The woman was a short one, and as we passed she looked up at me-

I have never met this woman in my life. We’ve never said hi. I’ve never seen her before.

-She looked up at me and asked, “What does the top of a refridgerator look like?”

“It’s kinda bumpy and there’s all that stuff you’ve been looking for for six months,” I said.

She asked, “Like those socks I’m missing?”

“Exactly. They’re up there.”

“I knew it!” She walked past.

The guy just looks at the two of us like we’re insane.

But she was pretty short. She’s probably never seen the top of a refridgerator in the wild. I understood.

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