US Football

And that’s it. Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is now the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

I’ve never met Brady. Don’t really follow the game. I’ll watch if other people are but won’t go out of my way to do so. Still, Brady is a pretty big star in the US, so I’m familiar with him.

In the lead up to this game, there has been rampant speculation regarding whether or not Brady is good by himself and great with Belichik, or great by himself and also great with Belichik. People have discussed how he thinks and what he might be thinking now. With absolutely no knowledge of what’s going on inside his head, I speculate that it’s this: “Win Football Games.” Fullstop. Goto line 10.

I doubt anyone wins at [activity] at that level if things other than [activity] take up too much mental real estate. Other peoples opinions, statistics, and history are all probably extraneous. As a human being, those things probably can’t be completely tuned out, but if a human being is playing that well, I bet the extraneous thoughts are turned out pretty well.

When I do root for anyone, I root for Denver or DC. So yeah.

But I wish the guy well.

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