Wheel of Time books vs Prime series

There was a magic in the books. They had a lot of problems, and those problems won out in the end. I didn’t finish the series. But there was also a magic in them.

The streaming series eliminated most of the problems and the magic.

The series is going slowly, and not a lot happens. The books were a slow burn at best. But the characters aren’t yearning for anything. They don’t have obvious driving desires. They’re all just going along, and they don’t carry the readers. There’s not a lot of action but a lot of violence, often terrible. It succeeds in demonstrating violence is bad and the world is rough. But now I don’t want to see it.

Action is exciting, fun violence. Of course it’s absurd, but movies are.

And so I don’t really get the point of the series, nor am I particularly engaged. It’s well made but boring. The scenery is nice.

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