Workout 2

So thinking about this, I came to a few simple conclusions.

The first is that workout reluctance isn’t worth exaggerating. Sometimes you just don’t want to do any whatever. In the long run, my program is pretty good.

Secondly, the gym turned the radio off so I got an hour of blissful silence. Nice.

Thirdly, a workout is the thing done when I work out. The Supreme Court would support me.

Finally, I speculate that a lot of people think consistent gym goers enjoy it all of the time: not most of the time or more than half, but all. This is simply untrue, and it’s not a problem. I don’t enjoy anything all of the time, and that doesn’t make life’s endeavors pointless.

On the other hand, my frustrations are usually slight. If my annoyances with an endeavor are I don’t like the music or I don’t want to walk a few blocks in the rain, I’m probably doing pretty well. I’m in a lucky situation, and I appreciate it.

Take care, everyone. I’m rooting for you.

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