Niz-Chavez v. Garland

Niz-Chavez v Garland really shows the partisan lines aren’t that firm. The lines of grammar, those are strong.

Take a gander at the first two pages. It’s all arguments about where ‘a’ is singular, is necessarily singular, or can be singular or plural because come on.

Six of the justices did not come on. ‘A notice’ is singular.



To use Mathworks documentation and help, I have to allocate myself two or three hours. After that, they’re too annoying to be used, and pushing on is just frustration with no learning.

Uhaul UBox

So Uhaul has a moving service. They drop a container off, the customer fills it up, and then Uhaul picks it up and moves it to somewhere else. It’s quite nice.

I have a small apartment’s worth of stuff, but I got rid of a lot when I moved out. It was a good time for cleaning. Now I wouldn’t require a truck nor even a full-size van. The little Uhaul box is nice.

But it’s not really “U-haul” as in “you haul” because I’m not hauling.

It is “you box”. That’s fair.

Godzilla vs King Kong

Two thumbs up, strong recommend.

Look, it’s a Godzilla/King Kong movie. It is exactly what I want out of a Godzilla/King Kong movie. If you go in looking for power politics, you’re in the wrong place. If you want Godzilla fighting King Kong, you have found the correct movie for you.

The Colorado Kid

I read it because it was there. My father left it lying around, and I had a couple hours to kill.

This would be a two thumbs down book if it was 600 pages. The ending-payoff is totally unsatisfying. However the book telegraphs that early, and it’s short. As such, the pathway to the end was worth itself.

Imagine you’re taking a road trip to someplace that looks good in the ad. But ten minutes into a two hour drive, your passenger looks the destination up and says it may be closed. You drive anyway, and the drive is pleasant: good conversation, nice sights, low traffic. You arrive at your destination to discover it’s been torn down and is now an empty lot.

So you drive back.

But it’s another pleasant drive back.

That’s The Colorado Kid. I enjoyed the drive.