Deep Learning

I trained a set of networks on series of sine data, Yn = A*sin(a + ▲h*n) or = A* sin((a + ▲h*n)/2pi) (for easier normalization and scaling). A and a are just constants.

I’m getting loss on the order of 10^-5. I’ve never seen models like that.

Convergents to rad(2)

I didn’t find anything too interesting.

I’m pretty sure it’s spelled Convergence, but hey, maybe it’s branding.

Q gets to n=21 before hitting the limit. I guess I could look for a most efficient upgrade path for manual buying.




for index=3:100

%some random numbers


qdot_C1=qdotfunc(c1+2,c2coeff,n,Q); %note the +2

%new file
function [qdot] = qdotfunc(c1, c2coeff, n, Q)




I dunno. Am I missing anything?

Who is where

As of chapter 20 of the Nine.

Random’s in Mordor, imprisoned in Barad Dur. Sauron announced his plan to give Random a Ring, but it hasn’t happened yet. (CH 20)

Fiona’s in Amber, sitting in a garret. She’s just looked into her trumps and seen Random. She believes him dead. (Ch 19)

Llewella’s in Rebma, having just slaim Rog the Serpent. (CH 17)

Bleys is somewhere unknown. (Various)

Tatianna’s in Amber castle, sort of under arrest. She has designs upon Julian. (CH 16)

Julian is in Amber. (CH 16)

Caine’s in an ER in Amber. (CH 16)

Gerard is off in shadow, getting his arm looked at. (Various, most recently 16)

ADM Dracken lies unconscious in a ruined part of Amber, outside the house he once lived in. (CH 15)

Obrecht has just left the same part of Amber. Bleys has spoken of him to Llewella, and she said she’d look after Obrecht if he came to Rebma. (Various)

Vialle is in Amber. (CH 19)

Flora’s in Amber. (various)

Everyone else is unknown, elsewhere, or dead.

I’m not back.


Tend to go in one of two directions: we delude ourselves that our thoughts are physical objects with meaning, and that we are the physical objects of someone else’s thought.

By mere thinking, we expect to do stuff or are the stuff of thinking. Maybe primordialy, but only implemented by action. Thoughts become meaningful with action, not just by being well developed thoughts.


Students should be able to discharge their student loans through bankruptcy, and the school should be on the hook for half when they do.

Enforced Metas

DnD has a weak one: wizards take fireball.

Gurps has a hard one:
1) Setup attack
2) Evalute setup success
3) If the rest of the team is attacking, attack anyway.
4) If the rest of the team isn’t attacking, setup attack.

Exalted had, like, fifty of them, resulting in cascading paranoia combos. And then third edition happened, but no one cared.

The Business

From the perspective of a restaurant, bathrooms are a problem.

Financially, they have significant costs and no revenue. Customers who come to a restaurant expect to be able to use the bathrooms for free! There’s immediate and strong pushback against any revenue creation paradigm. What’s more, bathrooms invoke costs (space, supplies, water and lights, maintenance, decor, etc.) and cause staffing problems. Someone has to clean the bathroom, no one wants to do it, and that’s a significant issue in the modern era of labor shortages.

Therefore the best business decision is to remove bathrooms from all sit-down restaurants.

Tell me if you can see any problem with this plan.

This is how tech companies view customer service.


Writing fiction makes me feel like an evil chessmaster, sitting in the dark. On publishing day I reveal my plots and stratagems, and either conquer the world (or a few readers) or die trying.

Also, just finished a reread of the Return of the King, capping my reread of Tolkien’s big 4. It’s better than I remember. The parts I remember disliking (trouble in the Shire, slow ending, etc.) are actually fitting. The general mood, one of a world fading, I still passionately disagree with, but the book itself is better than I recalled.