I bet there is no Charles at Charles Tyrwhitt. It’s probably a Frank or Nigel somebody.


That was a truly horrendous week.

The week before wasn’t so hot. This one isn’t going to be great. But that one, oh puppy.


I just got an email from Vicki on *** Chatbot Dr. Sounds legit.


I’m not ready to walk away from my job/program yet, but I’m making plans to do it.

Single Component Vectors

Sports score couplets are vectors. They have at least one component and a particular order. The specific order isn’t the criteria; that there is an order is the criteria.

However that doesn’t mean that vectors require two or more components. A single component can be a vector.

Example: score differentials. Last week JMU lost 38-45 to Georgia Southern. The differential was -7. That differential is a vector.

It’s got at least one component, the 7, with a particular order. The order is the order of the two teams. The differential could be +7, with direction reversed but magnitude the same, provided the order is reversed. +7 would be the Georgia-JMU differential. Single component, particular order.

Put another way, a vector is an amplitude and a direction. The 7 is the amplitude, the +/- is the direction.

This is why all negative numbers are vectors. They address a state of change, and the order of the components changing is the order of this small vector.


It is impossible to get a decent Italian sandwich in this town.

They try to artsy up the sandwich. Don’t do that.

The Sun

What are his hands?


Also, sort of related, do you think that’s a boy sun? I think that’s a boy sun.