Tech Support

Dear Old People,

A human wrote that website, and he may be an idiot. Alternatively, she could be a moron. The website might just be garbage.

It might not be you. Website trouble doesn’t automatically mean you’re senile, demented, or too old to breathe. There are people who make these websites, and sometimes they do a bad job.


Your tech-savy son, nephew, neighbor, or guy you kinda know who comes over to plug things in differently every now and them.


My brother’s girlfriend’s dog is a golden retriever, Sunny.

I think she lied on her resume. She barely retrieves. I throw a ball; she runs right past it. I throw a stick; she eats it. There is no retrieving.

We need to double check her references.


Telling someone they’re voting against their own interests is incredibly arrogant and ignorant. Incredible because the people who do it don’t believe they’re doing it. They just think they’re smarter than everyone else.