I have a slight itch. What causes that?

WebMD: Slight Itch

Your slight itch can be caused by seven possible things.

1) It itches. Don’t worry about it.
2) It itches. Scratch.
3) Death.
4) Death
5) Death.
6) Death.
7) Pregnant.

Demand Multiplicity

Human beings are very bad with the statement, ‘You need to do both.’

Some people want to do a thing. They should do the thing. But they should also do another thing too, and they don’t want to do it because they’re already doing the first thing. If you talk to people and say, ‘Yes, do the thing. Do both things,’ the people hear, ‘Don’t do the thing.’ Argument ensues.

Yes, do the thing. Do both things.


Going from numerical calculations to analytical functions is surprisingly difficult. Most of the time you do it within the small zoo of situations where it’s easy, because if you hi off into the wilderness, you are not getting out easily.


I got a pair of Bose headphones for Christmas. They’re selectively wired. They have Bluetooth capability, but they also have a little cord that’s detachable at both ends.

That is brilliant. That’s not even the sort of thing I’d ask if it existed, much less request. Yet it’s so useful. A lot of my stuff is wired only, but my phone can do both.

People in Bose had meetings about that. There were fights. The wired-vs-wireless arguments were intense and violent until some low-key genius asked, ‘Can we just make it both?’

You know that’s a fight: wired vs wireless. You know people have opinions, beliefs, and commitments! And it’s such a simple solution.


The movie was significantly better than I expected. It was the right length for the story it had to tell, the right length to sit through, and never really dragged. The climax was a knife fight, and it worked even all the battles before. The plot rolled, and the gom jabbar was well done.