New Stuff

I’m starting new projects.

Taking lessons-learned from TiH, I’m starting two things.

The first is another kids book, aimed at a slightly older group than Mara. I’m angling for the same feel.

Initially I intended to write a direct sequel to Mara and the Trolls, but that story was done. The great conflict was resolved as best I could. I turned the crank on a few more iterations, follow-on stories and so forth, and they all felt like unnecessary sequels.

I did have such an awesome title though: Hector and the Fairy Godbear. Right?

Ah well.

The second is something more like TiH. A while ago I mentioned: “I learned I don’t like solo main characters. I like a bunch of the little buggers all pinballing off each other.

I do like keeping a setting for a few scenes. I want to introduce a room, a statue, a field of battle, or the places between stars, and be able to go back to that locale for another scene. I want to dive into the people doing the stuff, and if I reuse a room, the characters can start interacting again with less description.

I like magic. I like really, really complicated magic.”

And I think I’ve set that up this time. But I’m still learning. Hopefully.

Anyway, new stuff going on in the OTS-machine, and it’s going to be great.

Good luck, everyone. I’m rooting for you.