How many people do you think actually believe the world is flat?

I bet there are two groups. The first is people who never really think about it, but figure it’s probably flat. If you go outside and look, the Earth looks flat. So they just put it in back of head and move on.

The second group is believers who actually think about it, and I bet their argument is ‘The government is lying to us. The government says the Earth is round. Therefore, it is flat.’ Ignoring the logic for a moment, this group is the one that actively believes the Earth has a shape and puts some kind of effort into maintaining the belief that shape is flat. Or anything, really, but a oblate spheroid.

Don’t come at me with oblate ellipsoid arguments. I will hold you in low regard.

Anway, there are probably very few people who actually believe in the flat Earth in any meaningful sense, and I’m certain I spend a lot more time thinking about them then they do about me.

Why can’t I see the Appalachians from the top of Pike’s Peak (if the world was flat)? There’s nothing tall enough to block the view in the way. I was just up Pike’s Peak. I didn’t see the Appalachians. I checked.

They don’t care, but I am so curious.